BA in Interior Design

Duration: 3 years
Eligibility: 10+2

Objectives: The program is designed to build a strong foundation in terms of basic principles and elements of design, thereby developing the student’s skills to apply them in a variety of residential and commercial projects. The course encourages creative expression and original work within a structured curriculum that balances both theory and practice by providing internship and independent design projects.


Semester- 1

• Principles of Interior Design: Designing Concepts, Elements of design
• Color Theory, Textures
• Elements Of Material- I
• Building Material: Brick, Timber, Clay etc.
• Glass, Paints & Varnish
• Structure of Building
• Construction Techniques- I
• Masonry Construction, Walls & Lintels
• Door And Window, False Ceiling, Partition Wall
• Design Project
• Basic of Drawing, Art & Graphics
Guest Lecture & Independent Module: – Personality Development, Communication Skills

Semester- 2

• Computer Fundamentals: MS Office
• Elements of Material- II
• Door & Windows, Partitions, Flooring, Staircase
• Construction Techniques- II
• Ventilation, Lighting
• Interior Design Studio – I
Guest Lecture & Independent Module: – Personality Development, Communication Skills

Semester- 3

• History of Art and Architecture- I
• Interior Furnishing- I: Ceiling, Wall treatment, Flooring
• Life Space Planning- I
• Auto CAD- 2D
• Signage & Graphics
• Furniture Design- I

Semester- 4

• History of Art and Architecture- II
• Interior Furnishing- II: Lighting, Wiring, Upholstery
• Life Space Planning- II
• Interior Design Studio- II
• Furniture Design- II

Semester- 5

• Entrepreneurship Development & Estimation
• Interior & Exterior Treatment: Water Supply, Sanitation, Sewage, Fire Fighting
• Interior Landscape
• Photoshop
• Interior Design Studio- III

Semester- 6

• History Of Western Art & Furniture
• Practical- CAD & 3DS max
• Interior Design Studio- IV
• Portfolio Development- Project Work & Viva Voce
• Professional Practice